Meet Mattel Aristotle: Your Kid’s Smart Companion

It’s a baby monitor. It’s a voice-activated smart assistant. It’s a virtual nanny! It answers your questions, and maybe your kids’ questions, too. This device is similar to Amazon’s Echo or Google’s Home except, it focuses on children and promises to understand the vocals of your kids, especially toddlers to those in middle-school. It’s custom AI engine uses a mixture of “natural language processing” to learn your child’s enunciation.

Visually, it is similar to Google’s Home and is also packaged inside a smart speaker. The voice-activated speaker comes with a wireless camera that streams 256-bit encrypted video of your child to your phone, an array of colorful LEDs and special software and will start unleashing new things as your child grows

If have an infant, Aristotle can play some soothing sounds, a custom radio station or a piece of relaxing white noise when your child wakes up midnight. The device can also illuminate in one of many different colors, similar to a night light. Parents can specify when they are changing diapers and can ask it to order new ones when needed.

For a toddler, it can tell bedtime stories  and play basic spelling games. And when it turns into a youngster, it can help doing homework by retrieving information from internet. The speaker includes some basic games too, which can be used just for fun or to teach kids important skills.

There are many features aimed at parents monitoring their children. For instance, if a parent left some chores for a child to finish before TV time, Aristotle will ask the child to finish up before turning on the television. If the child is wearing one of Mattel’s location-tracking wristbands, Aristotle will wait for the child to actually go do the chore before it will comply with requests.

Its voice is very similar to Windows’ Cortana. Unlike Siri or Google Assistant, it has a finite stock of phrases.

If interested, you would need to wait until June, when the speaker and camera combo kit goes on sale for $300.