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What is a Smart TV?

There’s a plethora of devices you can add to make your home smarter, and in the living room, a Smart TV is the centerpiece you need for a smart living room. So what actually is Smart TV? Let’s See! What actually is a Smart TV? Originally called “connected TVs,” these sets were later branded by …

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5 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Smart TV

Consumers today have an overwhelming options of Televisions sets to choose from. Gone are the days when televisions offered little extra features other than displaying content from your cable provider. Today’s televisions are smarter and come with a variety of features that, a few years ago, were practically unthinkable in a TV. From LCD to OLED, …

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Internet of Things
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What is Internet of Things?

You’ve heard the words ‘Internet of Things’ but aren’t really sure about what it is.  Internet of things or ‘IoT’ is the connection of physical devices and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity,  to the internet. This list goes far beyond smart phones, tablets or computers and can include anything from kitchen appliances to automobiles …

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Google Home
Google Home Home Automation How-To

Set Up Google Home the Right Way

So, you just brought home, the Google Home after reading its functionalities and capabilities and are ready to make it your close buddy! Well the next step is to set it up. So, let’s get started. Google first unveiled Google Home earlier this year at its developer conference, almost two years after Amazon released Echo and …

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