Top Alexa Skills
Amazon Echo Home Automation

Top 10 Most Popular Amazon Alexa Skills

What are Alexa Skills? Alexa has found its way to millions of homes according to Amazon’s recent press-release. Adding to the smart speaker’s already exciting feature set, Amazon and developers of third party products, apps and services have created add-ons called ‘Alexa skills’ to add additional functionality. Enabling one has never been easier. Just say, …

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Things You Can Do With Google Home
Google Home Home Automation

Google Home Easter Eggs

Google Home developers baked in some cool Easter Eggs. Try these if you want to have some fun with your smart assistant. Say “OK Google, I’m feeling lucky” to start up a multi-player game show. Say “OK Google, Give me a random number between (x) and (y)” to hear a random number between the two – …

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